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date of death appraisal

Obtaining an appraisal of the real estate left to you in a will

* An impartial assessment of the value of any inherited residential or commercial property enables you to make informed choices.

* When you decide to sell, the computation of the capital gains tax relies on two figures: the property's value at the time of your loved one's passing (known as the cost basis) and its current value.

* While tax assessment records and local real estate agents can offer some insight, the most legally sound evaluation comes from a certified appraiser.


* Having a professional appraisal conducted on the property ensures equitable treatment by the executor and other beneficiaries, allowing you to determine whether selling is the best option.

Administering an estate is a complex process, even if the deceased had a will. Deciding on inherited property can also be emotionally taxing, particularly when there is a capable executor leading the way. If you've inherited property, obtaining an estimated property valuation for your peace of mind is crucial.

This is especially pertinent if the real estate is shared among multiple heirs. For various reasons, such as family dynamics and personal stress, you might suspect that they are not acting in your best interest.

Securing comprehensive information about the property's value left to you in the will can safeguard your financial interests and empower you to make well-informed decisions.

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